Oct 31
Sunshyne Monroe
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Welcome newcomer Sunshyne Monroe who is just kicking off her porn career and certain to be a firecracker of TS domination.
Sunshyne is a sweet Texan hottie with a nice long cock, beautiful tits and a hot curvy body that makes this sexy girl impossible to deny.

In this debut shoot, Sunshyne seduces a police cadet right in their training classroom, fucking him on the desk, sucking him off and popping a HUGE cum shot as she strokes herself off while teasing her man.

You can be certain you will see Sunshyne again and that next time she will be even better as she grows into the full throttle Dom that is clawing to get out.

Oct 29

Daphynne Duarth is always a pleasure to work with and members love her, take one look at her cock and you’ll know why. Watch as this big cock Brazilian tranny gets wild for the camera, stripping and stroking her big thick amazing cock until she unleashes a huge cum load.


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Oct 28
Jimmy meets World
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We all know Alexis is a busy woman. To do a few chores around the house, she hires the boy next door. When she comes home from work to find the boy in her lingerie, there will be some hot, steamy results. Alexis’ big, fat cock might find a new place to play!

Oct 27
Street Fighter
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Despite Ken’s concerns Ryu was keen to take on Poison, a new challenger in the Street Fighter competition. Ryu was very confident he could figure out any special moves this new chick in town might have and he knew Ken was more jealous than worried, Poison had huge boobs and apart from Chun-Li street fighting girls were few and far between, and even Chun-Li was two quick to grope her hot body. Ryu took his position and was contemplating going straight for his killer ‘tiger upper cut’ or sending a few power balls her way to show her he meant business, but before he could yell ‘Ay-oo-get’ the buxom babe had thrust her breast towards him and Ryu’s face was trapped in a large tit sandwich. Ryu was even more turned on when he saw the big cock bulge in Poison’s tight panties and he couldn’t help but start to munch on her breasts and stroke his own stiff pole. Poison encouraged Ryu by reaching down and grabbing his boner then jerking him off using her tits and some spit. Ryu knew there was no way he could knock this incredible tranny babe out, instead he would have to turn to different tactics, fucking her tight ass in to submission, pounding her hard and deep so that his balls slapped hard against hers. He had no plans on stopping until she begged for his cum, ramming her teen ass raw until she finally gave in, taking his huge load all over her boobs and face..

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Oct 26

This stunning blonde tgirl’s name is Isabella Medeiros and she is truly unbelievable. Watch her dance around teasing in sexy black panties and heels before pulling out her cock and showing you first hand how she handles it. She starts off slow and finishes furiously!

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Oct 24
Horny Tarzan
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Being “Lord of the Jungle” has its perks of course, especially when I run into damsels in distress that have no idea where they are. They’re in need of guidance and help, and I use that to fuck them someplace very uncomfortable. This one was a little more standoffish than the rest, and when I tore her clothes off, I realized why. This babe had a pecker about as big as mine, and she was pretty happy to see that I was pretty happy to see it! I took right to her massive boner, slurping and drooling up and down her cock while she giggled and played with her pillowy tits. When I noticed she was as hard as she was going to get, I bent over in the grass and offered up my asshole to her, which she was happy to slam. And did she ever fuck that ass! Holy shit, I don’t think I’ve ever fucked someone as hard as she did! She thanked me for it by getting on her knees and sucking me off, making me cum all over her mouth and tits. I hope that some more big titted shemales get lost in my jungle again!

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Oct 23

Today we have the sexy shemale babe Dayana Mello and boy does she look good in red! Dayana is a special tranny with a sassy retro look about her that’s very hot. Watch as this blonde shemale hottie puts on a slow striptease and then works her very own cock over until it explodes.


Oct 22

Andy woke up to a strange banging noise and occasional screaming, he feared the worst as he burst into his flatmate’s room, but seeing his two tranny mates banging each other senseless was the last thing he’d expected to see.. He tried to creep back out of the room unnoticed, but he’d obviously disturbed them and they grabbed him, dragged him into the room and began to force him out of his pyjamas.. Andy may have been putting up a fight demanding that he wanted to go to bed, but his huge hard-on said otherwise, and as Judy held his arms behind his back and Jane began sucking his cock head, Andy managed to wriggle free but only in order to force Judy to join Jane, both blowing his huge bell-end and gagging on his long shaft.. Andy was soon fucking Jane over the table feeling like a real man, only a man about to be fucked, as Judy stood behind him lubing up her bare cock, ready to enter Andy with all her might and fuck him like a rabbit. The threesome fucked in every position imaginable, no hole was left unattended for long and they finally bathed in a warm salty cum bath, all exhausted, but keen to do it all again minutes later..

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Oct 21

Everyone loves big cock shemale star Duda Gaucha, especially when she is in wild hardcore action topping a guy. Watch as Duda feeds this dude her mega cock and gets balls deep into his tight ass before they both bust loads all over each other. Hardcore at it’s best!

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Oct 20

sheanimale11The boxing match is intense as these two hotties beat on each other with passion. The girls are getting a little to aggressive for the ref’s comfort so he steps in to break things up. That’s a mistake as these ladies don’t like it when someone messes with their mojo in the ring. That’s what ends up getting him a punch in the face. He’s out cold after getting hit and the sexy girls decide to take advantage since he has an obvious bulge in his pants. There’s a surprise waiting in the boxing shorts of each chick too. They’re pretty and feminine but these babes are actually shemales and they have big cocks. After blowing the young man and riding his cock a little while he sleeps the more aggressive of the shemales whips out her dick and shoves it in his mouth to wake him up. There’s nothing to stir a guy from a deep sleep like a shemale cock in his mouth! When he’s finally gotten his senses back things are just about over as both the sweet shemale sluts blow their loads on his face. Now that’s a mess!

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