Jan 30

Hot new update featuring the mega cock tranny bombshell Thayla Oliveira in wild hardcore topping action. Watch this hung shemale put it on this tattooed stud like there’s no tomorrow. She smacks him around with her big cock and wrecks his tight ass over and over.

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Jan 29

The jacuzzi is the perfect setting for some of the hottest tranny fucking you’ll see. Renata is one stunning busty blonde and she loves to get some big cock in her tight ass and that’s what you’ll see here. But if Renata is going to give up her ass then she expects to slip her cock into the guy’s ass too.

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Jan 28

This is a rare and awesome treat – Venus Lux completely dominating a bound up Jessie Parker. Venus cums twice, makes Jessie squirt and scream her name while cumming.

Bound and helpless, all Jessie can do is offer her pussy to Venus who needs no inviting to take what she wants. She cuts off Jessie’s clothes and plows her hard cock into her pussy until she cums. But Venus is not an average Dom, her cock is hard again moments after cumming and she uses it to fuck Jessie’s throat while demanding she squirt. All this would be enough for most Doms and subs, but not for Venus. She fucks Jessie again cumming one more time all over her belly while Jessie looks her deep in the eye with her smeared make-up and fucked out face.
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Jan 27


Jiro had always suspected his girlfriend, Junko, had a lesbian lover, he’d often kissed her and swore he could taste the lips of another girl, he just never realised it was another girl’s cock he was tasting! It all became clear when Jiro came home early from work one afternoon to find his ladyboy girlfriend on her hands and knees gobbling down on the meaty cock of another young hung shemale. He stood in astonishment as Junko took the full spunky load of her tranny fuck buddy and began swallowing the jism in excitement. Jiro yelled out in anger, furious that his lover was satisfying another cock! Instead of apologising or trying to explain, the two teen trannies just looked at Jiro and told him to ‘Be a man!’ Stunned, Jiro wasn’t expecting them to stand up to him, let alone insult him, but before he could express his anger any further Junko’s red headed ladyboy pal grabbed Jiro and threw him onto the bed. Jiro was immediately overpowered as both shemales began to strip away his clothes and keep him pinned to the bed. Naked and unable to escape, Jiro’s legs were spread and the horny ladyboys began to play with his tight ass hole, at first just licking and tonguing his man pussy, and then fingering him as they sucked his cock. Jiro’s rage had gone and instead his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he screamed at them to keep milking his cock. They managed to stop before Jiro exploded with cum, and Junko told Jiro to fuck her tranny lover. Jiro rammed the red headed babe’s ass with all his might, grabbing hold of her huge tits with both hands and pumping his rock hard cock in and out of her sweat hole as he headed closer and closer to a monster cum explosion!

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Jan 25
Gothic slut
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I know you like to see my dark mysterious side, and you know I love to be treated like a slut. Dressed and ready to please in black knee boots, stockings and a short slutty dress I am ready to please (and do ANYTHING you want) so go ahead and use me!

Jan 24
Agent Daniel
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Since no word had been heard from the two female agents, Agent Daniel was sent up to the monastery expecting the worse, but preying it would be a successful rescue mission. Daniel knew kinky things had been reported and the few nun’s who had escaped were far too traumatised to recall what they had been through, but every tranny Nun they had interviewed had had their balls completely drained and their arses stretched to their limits. Disguised as a sister Daniel made it as far as the monastery gates where he spent no time in taking out the guards. Once inside the grounds he was shocked, surrounded by moans and groans of pleasure and pain, it was clear bondage and perverted acts of lust were taking place all around him, but where was the head honcho?.. The chief Red Nun was with two of her favourite slaves, clad in her tight red PVC she stroked their huge shemale cocks until they were fully erect and then had herself chained up and given a session with the paddle. The sick perverted Red Nun loved it, crying in pleasure with every hard stroke to her large bubble butt. When she had had enough spanking she bent over and spread her ass wide open, demanding her trans slaves to fuck her as hard as they could, and like perfect play pets they chained her hands and legs wide apart, slap a ball gag in her mouth and pounded her whole red raw. By the time Agent Daniel had found the Red Nun, she was caked in spunk and the girls he had come to rescue were lined up next to service her.. Despite being relieved to be finally free from the clutches of the Red Nun and her evil monastery, both hung tranny agents seemed disappointed not to have had any fun, and with their large dicks still hanging out they looked lustfully at agent Daniels tight, muscular virgin ass..

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Jan 23

shemaletugjobs7Model: Bianca Drumond
Movie length: 15 minutes
Photos: 170

The playful Bianca is one shemale babe that loves her sweets almost as much as she loves playing with her juicy shecock until it spews its creamy jizz. This T-girl was definitely a tantalizing sight in her animal print outfit and watching her lying back on the bed and using her hot mouth to eat that candy was almost torture. But this shemale tease knew exactly what she was doing. And it was worth the wait once she slid out of her clothes and pumped her girl pole until she spewed her load.

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Jan 22


The cute boy has always wanted to be a girl and he spends most of his days dressed in women’s clothing. He loves to go out and tease the public with his hot body. It’s a thrill to think that people perceive him as a real woman. One day while he was out walking in a cute, slutty little outfit a man offered him a wad of cash to be his personal sex toy. He accepted without thinking and was slowly turned into a real dickgirl, including a pair of large breast implants to make him even shapelier. Now he’s the perfect woman for his boyfriend and the two of them spend their days sucking and fucking. The hot dickgirl loves to get her man’s cock deep in her ass-pussy and he built her with such big tits because he loves how good they look when they’re bouncing in his face while she sits on his hard cock. She is the ultimate dolly slut and the two of them can never get enough sex. She always dresses in sexy stockings to make her long legs look soft and he’s always turned on when he sees them. They have a whole lot of sex together.

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Jan 21

Nicolly Ashitaty is a 22 year old shemale cutie from Manaus Brazil. This is Nicolly’s first time on our network and she starts off right. Watch as she starts off slowly stripping until she only wearing sexy fishnet hose and heels, then jerks off until she sprays everywhere.


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Jan 21


As Evalina the tranny witch, and Brian the nerdy young stud, lay exhausted and covered in spunk after a long passionate Halloween fuck session, their rest was disturbed by the entrance of Lin, Evalina’s shemale, witch apprentice. Lin very keen to show her mentor just what she could do to a handsome young, hung guy, after hours riding around the woods on her broom Lin already had a huge boner and she soon whipped it out and forced it deep into Brian’s mouth. Brain was tired after fucking Evalina so hard and for so long, but his ass was still untouched, so as Lin throat fucked him it was Evalina’s chance to fuck his behind. She drilled his ass, ramming him like a broken pinball machine, making sure every last millimetre of her meat made it’s away inside of him. Fiercely fucked and spit roasted, Brain didn’t know how to react as all of a sudden he was tossed to one side as the two hung tranny witches began pleasuring each other. Evalina rewarded Lin’s hard throat fucking work with a sloppy blow job, before letting Lin fuck her ass. As Lin fucked he mentor’s ladyboy pussy Brian saw it as his chance to get back into the actions, and he entered Lin’s ass as she continued to fuck Evalina. Things got out of control as they fucked all around the house, fucking so wildly they began inventing new position, including some which could only be achieved by a little magic and a lot of horny determination. Finally, Brian was bent over the giant Halloween pumpkin and they took it un turns to fuck him with ferocity, not letting him rest until they had both unloaded their balls all over his ass and back.

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