Apr 17

This shemale foursome share a love of clothes and they are having a good time looking through all those sexy dresses. But once they start undressing to try them on, things get pretty steamy and they decide they want to play with each other. They strip each other’s clothes off using their hands and mouths to tease their shecocks until all four of them are fully hard. They take turns riding shecock until one lucky tranny gets her boobs covered in three loads of hot jizz.

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Apr 14

This is Morgan Bailey’s hottest scene to date. Absolute power fucking of her little boy toy after a long seduction. An innocent game of strip “poker” has Cameron standing naked in the bar. At any moment someone could walk in. The threat and thrill of being caught with his cock in Morgan’s hand gets him off quick. But right as he is coming, Morgan wipes out her giant, solid dick and squirts Cameron’s load all over her surprise cock. He panics, and tries to back away but Morgan pins him to the bench and grinds against his ass until he agrees to let her just push the head of her cock into his ass.
Just the tip and Morgan knows she has him. She fucks him all over the bar, makes him cum again while she fucks him in piledriver and then after plowing his ass, just gets herself right to the edge of popping and makes Cameron jerk her load into his own face. Hoooottttt. Watch this shoot.

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Apr 13
Fun on the Bus
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Public transport is always fun especially when you get the chance to have a sneaky play or in my case wait till the coach is empty and get out my pert tits and play with my hard throbbing cock. The thought of getting caught just makes it even more enjoyable…

Apr 12

Dean Le is dripping rich and ruthlessly manipulative. She makes her needy students fuck for her pleasure. It’s the ultimate indecent proposal. “Do you want your scholarship and your fundraising money? Then you will fuck in front of me.”
Venus and Sebastian play along with her little game, waiting for just the moment when she is completely lost in her own orgasm to take her by her hair and ram their cocks into her mouth and pussy. Yes THEIR cocks – Venus has a hard, thick dick and she fucks every hole – pussy, ass, man ass, and mouths.
Francesca is going to pay with her body and her cheque book, and after slurping up Sebastian’s cum and swapping Venus’s jizz between her mouth and Sebastian, it’s not exactly clear if this wasn’t her plan all along…

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Apr 11

Chasey heard that there was a travelling fairground in a small village just outside of town. Here she would find a mysterious fortune telling gypsy whose predictions were 100% accurate! The downside was that it was also rumoured she was short tempered and those who went in to see her always left walking in a strange way, often very quiet about what had happened in the back of the gypsies caravan. Chasey had been so unlucky in love she was desperate to find out if there was any romance or love awaiting her in the future, so she headed to the fair to find the mysterious gypsy… Once she arrived she was met by an incredibly young and handsome fairground worker who spoke very little English, and with his shirt off he seemed intent on flirting with Chasey, desperate to get his grubby hands on the young local shemale’s body. Despite some difficulty communicating, Chasey was finally lead to the gypsy’s caravan where she sat face to face with the Amazonian looking lady. When Chasey asked the lady if there would be any cock in her future the gypsy confidently replied “yes!” and began to walk around behind Chasey. Too afraid to look around Chasey could hear the gypsy removing her clothes, and then all of a sudden she felt a large ladyboy dick slapping her on the side of the face. “So this is the cock she was talking about!” Chasey thought as she began to suck the tranny gypsy’s cock. The crystal ball was soon brushed to one side as Chasey was bent over the gypsy’s table, her skirt lifted up, her panties slid to one side, and the gypsy rammed her hard dick deep into Chasey’s tight ass hole, fucking her with incredible might, as Chasey screamed out in ecstasy!

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Apr 10

Venus is in hell with her Spanish exchange program teacher. The two have to share a dorm room with what at first seems like the biggest little Latina strew on the planet! After lights out, Venus wakes up to the muffled moans of the teacher going to town on herself, and Venus just goes in for the kill.
She makes her teacher obey her, spreads her legs and licks at her sensitive clit until she cums. All this gets Venus so hard she can’t keep her cock hidden in her panties one second longer. Her hard dick presses in Luna’s mouth and they both know there will be no more sleeping tonight.

Venus ties up her naughty professor and lunges into Luna’s pussy with the single intend of cumming the biggest load possible all over her sweet mouth.
Rough sex, bondage and plenty of cum from both girls in this hot scene.


Apr 9

What’s the secret to a long lasting relationship? Well for one it has to be love! Having things in common, doing lots of activities together, and the kinkier the better! I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for some time now and our relationship has been so strong since we discovered that we both enjoy trying on women’s clothes! We just love going to the Mall together and sneaking into the changing rooms to try on sexy outfits together. Seeing my boyfriend slipping into a sexy girly outfit gets my juices running, not only does he look hot he has great taste in lingerie! He loves short dresses and cute thongs, sometimes I can just see his butt yelling at me to fuck him! It doesn’t take long for me to get so crazy horny I’m dragging him home, tearing off his man clothes and dressing him up again in the lacy lingerie and skimpy slut outfits. Last time I was so uncontrollably horny I dressed him up in a long feminine wig and make-up and whipped out my rock hard tranny cock for him to see. His eye lit up like Christmas lights and he dropped to his knees to give me the most mind blowing blow job I’d ever experienced. As he looked up at me with his young horny puppy dog eyes I knew he wanted me to fuck his ass so badly, and I wasn’t in the mood to disappoint. He pulled his thong down and immediately started riding me! It felt sooo good! And then suddenly, he started changing! His breasts grew out, so huge and bouncy, his wig turned into real hair, and before I knew it, in front of me was the most beautiful shemale I had ever seen! I guess something magical happened when he started riding me. But we didn’t question it, we just continued to play, getting dirtier and dirtier! I fucked his ass to pieces in so many different positions I thought my cock would make his ass explode, we fucked so hard! We fucked deep into the night until we both feel asleep with my hard cock still inside him..

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Apr 8

Morgan has spent a year eying her co-worker, wanting to ask him if he’s ever had sex with a transsexual, if he’s ever sucked cock or even had a threesome. He’s so square and serious all the time, that the idea of breaking him in with her 8 inches is never very far from her thoughts.
On a slow Thursday afternoon, she can wait no longer and so she begins to seduce him until his cock is out of his pants and he is spilling all his dirty secrets.
Once he is so turned on, there is no turning back and the two fuck out in the open on their office couch.

Apr 7

Big dick redheaded tranny Pietra Morales is horny and ready to be fucked in this hot new scene. Watch as this leggy shemale hottie gets her tight ass fucked rough with no condom. She takes it bareback like a pro, begging to be covered in a big load of cum!

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Apr 6

Hung Brazilian shemale Nathalia Silva is topping a guy bareback style today. Watch as she makes this straight guy her bitch by cramming her cock down his throat and stuffing it deep up his ass all natural with no condom. She never even takes her pink high heels off, super HOT!

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