Dec 19

Welcome back the ever sexy Vaniity to in this feature threesome shoot with Baretta James and newcomer, Tyler Woods.

Beretta is in the middle of her FuckingMachines shoot when her jealous boyfriend bursts on to set. Everyone is ready to punch this guy out of the building but Beretta manages to calm everyone down and get her man, quietly off set. She makes him wait in the set next door until she is done.
The only problem is the now pissed off boyfriend is fuming. When Vaniity walks in and mistakes him for her scene partner, he plays along thinking he might as well get his cock sucked a little since his girlfriend will not listen to him and quit porn.
Small problem with this horny logic. Vaniity thinks he is her scene partner which means an ass fucking for him with her big cock. Wha?

Beretta walks in at the perfect moment to see her man loving a little head from Vaniity and she gets the rope.

Now Tyler is tied to the bed and his girlfriend is pissed and the hot stranger lady is rubbing her throbbing cock between his ass cheeks looking from the tight virgin hole to fuck. So tight his hole, his man pussy is just puckered shut until Vaniity slips her cock deep inside him and works him open.

Beretta is LOVING this moment, she crushes him into the mattress and lets Vaniity fuck her pussy and ass while he lays there listening and feeling nothing but the weight of humiliation on his back..

Vaniity drills both of them until she cums in their mouths. But the best fucking happens after Beretta has jerked his cock free of his load while Vaniity gently fucks his ass – but wait for it – when he pops – she rams him so fast and hard she’s a blur of fucking and Beretta tightens her grip on his cock for total sensory overload of a worn out ass and post-cum cock. Epic fucking and a great pairing of hot, sexy people who like to fuck every which way to Sunday. This is another top quality feature shoot from the greatest TS site on the web.

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Dec 18
The Oil Massage
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I’d been backpacking around Thailand for over a month and all the travel was starting to get me tired, I woke up every morning feeling so stiff, it just made sense to treat myself to a traditional Thai oil massage and get those knots out of my body.. Now you hear a lot of stories about these Thai massage parlours and their ‘happy endings’, but I figured that I’m a lady, well a ladyboy to be precise, but when they see my femininity it would be unlikely that they would try to jerk me off and get me horny! Just to be sure I picked a quite massage shop away from the seedy part of town, where a tall, quiet oriental chick took me into the back room and began to work her magic. She was hitting all the right spots as she ran her large, well-trained hands over the contours of my body, I was soon groaning in pleasure, especially when she worked her way towards my buttocks. If only she was a guy, I’d have maybe opted for the happy ending after-all! Then I heard her robes drop to the floor and peeked to see the massage ‘girl’ was packing as much meat as I was, and she was brandishing a raging hard-on at the site of my smooth bubble butt and stiff shemale cock. Next thing I know she is on the table with me and I’m sliding my dick into her ass raw, pounding away at her anus as she screams out in Thai! Her turn was soon to come and she fucked me against the wall and then had me ride her like a cowboy. We both came so much it was hard to know which goo was the oil and which was our spunk, but it didn’t matter, they both felt pretty good being massaged into my skin.

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Dec 17


What a difference time makes! I found this awesome set I did in L.A with Blackula and wanted to share this VERY HOT set with you! I LOVE his photography and as you can see we got some amazing (extremely horny) shots, and it was in front of the very cool and famous wallpaper where many pornstars have been, so I know this will get you hard within seconds… enjoy this one!

Dec 16

Nomad calls his favourite agency and requests the hottest, most dominate woman they can offer. And he gets more than he could ever imagine when Mistress Natassia Dream unlocks his hotel room door and takes a crop out of her bag. It will be a long night for Nomad as Natassia turns him on, denies him, spanks his ass, and shoves her cock in his willing mouth. Nomad is cuffed to the bed and fucked fast and hard in three positions. Natassia shows no mercy and fucks him after he cums from her jerking his hard cock. When she is done, she leaves him bound to the bed, panting and well fucked.

Dec 15
Wrong Door
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The loud sudden knock at the door made me jump! Who could it be calling at this late time of night, i wasn’t expecting anyone, and even so, why did they feel the need to knock so loudly! I was feeling so unnecessarily anxious as I headed to open it up and see! But once opened I was none the wiser, as I stood starring up at the large chocolate skinned girl who brushed me aside and walking into my home.. She was muttering about some appointment and her own distress and reaction left me little opportunity to begin my interrogation as to who she was, and what the heck she was doing in my home! That and she was so hot I didn’t want to scare her straight out again, so I closed the door and followed her in.. I tried to explain to her she must have made a mistake and I really didn’t know what she was going on about, she must have been mistaken, but she replied in a rather harsh manor, telling me to ‘shut up, whore!, which oddly, I did.. I felt like I was caught in some kind of siren spell as I obeyed her command and didn’t even put up a fight as she began tearing my clothes form my body. Even when I did put up a little resistance she was far too strong for me and all this did was encourage her to be more rough, as she then threw me to the ground. “Stop struggling and let me prep you,” she said and the next thing I knew she was pulling out a huge butt plug from her bag and sticking it hard and fast up my tight ass passage.. She walked around in front of me and hoisted her dress up to her waist. She then slid her white panties over to the side to reveal giant, and I mean giant, girl-cock! Then I understood why I needed to be prepped as I spent the next few hours being fucked something stupid, riding her huge cock like a bitch. She pounded my ass sore, going balls deep over and over and over, finally drenching me with her hot lady load. By the time I could move again she was gone, but I found the business card she left on the nightstand. I pinned it up my notice board and saved the number into my phone, just in case..

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Dec 14

This weeks update I have the amazing Joanna Jet getting filthy for you… A true hardcore pornstar who loves to get fucked and in return fuck back, you will never be disappointed when watching Joanna Jet in action and I should know as I’ve been in a couple of scenes with her ;)

Dec 13

She moved in next door only six months ago. First she fucked the husband, then she seduced the wife and now, gathered around the Christmas Tree, she is going to reveal all their little extra-marital secrets. She’s Jessica Fox and she is “The Evil Neighbour”. presents one of the hotness threesomes on the site to date. You can watch Jessica seduce the husband here on and you can see her seduce the wife on and in this update you can see her make them both squirm with guilt as she toys with their secrets. This shoot has the first ever double penetration, an ass fucking chain and double loads all in the submissive wife’s mouth. Jessica Fox is in absolute rare form as she fucks the husband’s ass while getting her own ass plowed by the wife’s strap-on, and during the dp scene with Logan fucking her pussy, Jessica again fucks her own ass while her own permanently hard cock drills into Alice’s ass. This update is an all out fuck fest driven by pure sexual tension and animal desire.

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Dec 12

Jessica plays Juliette perfectly, convincing her she will not get fired if she puts out.
Juliette just made it too easy, she was already taking her clothes off, offering to do anything to save her job. What was Jessica going to do? Say no? Tell her the truth – forget it!
She makes Juliette finger bang herself while she strokes her clit and gets her all wet, hot and turned on. When Jessica reveal her hard cock, Juliette is surprised but ready to take her balls deep.
Jessica dominates Juliette’s pussy and shoves her thick cock deep in her ass too. Stretching her out and making her cum. The scene ends with a hot squirting orgasm from Juliette that rains down all over Jessica as she cums her own big load.


Dec 10

Meet the always stunning blonde shemale nympho Walkiria Drummond and we have her in raw bareback action in this update. Watch as this sexy tgirl gets cock crammed in her mouth, her tits fucked and her ass stretched to the max as it’s fucked no condom.


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Dec 9
Change of Heart
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My roommate Jessie was getting ready for her Valentine’s date with her boyfriend when she got a call from him. She slammed the phone down and ran back to her room crying. I went to see what was wrong, but when I entered her room I was shocked. Jessie was naked and masturbating her cock! I never saw anything like this and I was caught staring at her sexy body, pumping her cock. She noticed me and came over, seeing the growing bulge in my pants. She pulled my cock out and started sucking on it, but she wanted more. I followed my cock, driving it in her waiting ass. It has been hell for the past few weeks without a girl and now I was fucking my hot roommate. I stared at her cock, wanting to suck on it as I slammed her silly and cumming in her tight ass. I pulled out of her and she pushed her cock in my mouth, slobbering messily over her girth. Now it was my turn to help her and I took her cock in my ass. It hurt, but seeing a hot shemale like Jessie fucking me made it feel good as she fucked and filled me with her cum. Jessie lay over me in a 69 position, sucking each others cock until we erupted with gooey facials. Valentine’s Day might be over for Jessie and her old boyfriend, but it’s just starting for us!

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