Jul 28

Young and hung Brazilian shemale hottie Kenya Rodriques joins us for the first time today and we break her in the only way we know how! Watch as this beautiful and wild tgirl gets her tight ass broken in bareback style and her pretty face covered in jizz.


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Jul 27

Caution – if you do not like fisting, rosebudding or seeing a cock and hand inside a guys ass while she fucks him, then skip the last scene of this update. The hardcore anal fucking is intense and complete with gaping and orgasms that are explosive. Let’s just fast forward to the end of the date after Jessica Fox seduces Jesse and leaves him over night cuffed to her bed with a pee bucket between his legs. She fucks him ruthlessly with passion and the trusting intensity of two people who have seemed to have fucked many times before. He cums twice – once from her pounding his ass in pile driver and once from an intense milking by her hot hands and mouth. When she squirts her thick cum over his asshole, it’s a perfect end to one of the hottest scenes on the site to date.

Jul 26


Lingerie, heels and toys, what more could you ask for? How about being joined once again by the gorgeous and very horny Liberty Harkness? With Liberty in her bodystocking and me in my stockings and lingerie set, we get very naughty as we both get to play with our toys… then each other…

Jul 18

Hailey has a nanny gig that often has her stuck at a fancy neighbor’s house while all her friends are out making memories without her. To pass the seemingly endless night, she snoops through the parent’s bedroom and finds all kinds of kinky shit.
Her BBF, Foxxy drops by late and Hailey can’t wait to show her bestie what she found.

The best cure for boredom is fucking and that’s exactly what these two do with all the rope and toys they found. Foxxy delivers her trademark non-stop shagging to Hailey’s wet pussy and she takes full advantage of the rope that binds Hailey to the bed, shoving her panties in Hailey’s mouth, gagging her and muffling her moans. The last thing Hailey gets in her mouth is a nice load of cum that the two of them share. No more FOMO for Hailey as she makes better memories sneaking around a stranger’s bedroom than she ever would out at a club.


Jul 17
Fun on the Lanes
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Me and my BFFF (Best Fuck Friend Forever) Vanessa were out for our regular Friday night fun hitting the bowling alley. We had taken on the challenge of a couple of a young college guy we met at the counter and we were doing well, so when Vanessa bowled yet another strike to clinch the game we celebrated big, so big in fact my ass began to hurt! It must have been when Vanessa slapped my butt so hard, but one of the college guys said he could see a splinter hanging out. As he went in to inspect and caressed my firm ass cheek with his hand it was clear by the huge boner pitching tent in his pants that he was looking to help himself rather than me! He may not have seen a splinter in my pants but he was about to see a large plank of cock as I was one turned on tranny babe. We immediately jumped on him and began to tear away his clothes, aiming to get that hard cock out in the open. Obviously we couldn’t fuck out there in the middle of the busy bowling lanes, but once we dragged him to the toilets his ass was our, literally! We tag fucked his ass so hard he yelp like a lost puppy. With all the excitement of spreading his tight cheeks and banging this young boy senseless neither of us could hold back from cumming for too long and we finally spread our sperm all over his body, leaving him caked in creamy ladyboy spunk naked in the middle of the bowling club bathroom.

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Jul 16

Check out this fabulous new shemale superstar Lethicia Ambrosio in her first hardcore bareback shoot with us. Watch as this big cock shemale hottie gets her mouth and ass destroyed until she is left covered in cum. As always it’s raw with no condoms!


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Jul 15

After fucking each other senseless and finally swapping our tranny cum, our C.O. came over the radio and reminded us we were on duty and needed to get into the unidentified craft in the station hanger. I climbed up and began trying to open the main door and when I looked down I noticed a cyberbot heading towards my shemale mate, about to jump her from behind. Rather than shout to her and make myself known, I kept quiet and watched as the cyberbot pressed his gun against my partner’s breasts and began to release a human looking cock from his pants. I watched on as my partner had no choice but to munch down on his flesh weapon, licking and sucking the human looking shaft and meaty head. I was so excited by the oral act I almost forgot my duty. Once I regained my composure I jumped from my high position and smashed the cyberbot to the ground, knocking his gun from his hands. It was soon clear the cyberbot was actually a human guy in full battle armoury. Instead of turning him straight over to the station security head we decided to give the horny hound a taste of his own medicine, and show him just how hard to randy trannys can fuck. We force fucked his face and ass so hard he wasn’t sure whether to cry for help, pain or just scream in pleasure, but most of the time his mouth was too full to mumble any words at all. once he had taken enough ass punishment we emptied our balls and covered him in spunk, ready for some interrogation..

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Jul 14

Welcome newcomer, Kelli Lox and her thick cok. Kelli is naturally sexy and fit and works Bella’s pussy into a lather of cum from fucking her so hard and deep.
There’s a new stripper in town and Bella give her the standard cold shoulder until she realizes there is something special about Kelli. So special in fact, Bella wants to see her naked just to be certain.
When Kelli’s panties slip off revealing a hard cock, Bella can’t help herself. She wants to suck it while she looks up past Kelli’s tits to her beautiful face. The blow job is so hot, Bella’s pussy is a slick hole when Kelli slips inside her. The two fuck with the chemistry of new lovers and the sex is explosive with orgasms that soak each girl in sweat and cum.


Jul 13

Carla Abiazi is one of those hot Brazilian tgirls who could get any guy hot and horny. If you saw her out in the street she would blow you away with her big tits and tight ass and that wild cum-fuck-me look in her eyes. She’s gonna blow you away here too as she gets down to some nasty ass fucking with guy who wants to play hard and dirty.

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Jul 12

Three hot and sexy big dick shemale babes are ready for action today and there’s only one man they want. Watch as these three horny shemales take turns using his mouth and ass and they please. They absolutely destroy this straight guy in this new gangbang scene.


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